The Norman Park State School Library is located at the Hipwood Street side of the school site.  It incorporates a 28 station Computer Lab, Conference Room, Media Room, Staff Workroom, Teacher Resource Room, a class teaching area with an Interactive Whiteboard, a number of smaller learning areas for groups of children, as well as a flexible floor space for the library collection.  This flexible layout enables a number of classes to access the library at any one time.

A Teacher Librarian provides a range of valuable services to our students and staff.  In addition to maintaining the Library Collection, the Librarian works with teachers across all year levels in teaching key curriculum areas.

Opening hours

The Library is open from Monday to Thursday and each class has a specific time for borrowing.  Outside of class times, students may also borrow during their breaks.

Parents and children are very welcome to visit, read, browse and borrow before and after school, however borrowing is only permitted when staff are available at the counter.

Library hours


Monday – Thursday


Monday – Thursday

Borrowing times and lessons

Students are encouraged to regularly borrow from the Library with each year level having a loan limit. 

Loan limits


1 book initially

Years 1 and 2

2 books

Years 3 to 6

4 books


Students in Prep to Year 2 require a library bag to borrow to encourage responsible borrowing.

Books may be borrowed for two weeks.  Should a longer time be required, students may extend their loan be renewing their books at the Circulation desk.  Overdue notices are issued to students who fail to return their books on time.  Should a book be lost or damaged, parents will be invoiced for $10 to assist in replacing the book.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact the library staff regarding any overdue, lost or damaged books.

Playbreak activities

The Library is open for the upper school students in both their playbreaks; Prep to Year Two may use the library during their second playbreak.  The Library is closed for playbreaks on Fridays.

With the help of the Library Captains, students may borrow and browse during their breaks. 

The Computer Lab is available for the Year 3-6 students during their breaks, but preference is given to those students working on curriculum related tasks. Other use of the computers during this time is restricted and monitored by the teacher in charge.

There are a number of games and activities available to the students whilst in the library, including Chess, Dominoes, and drawing and construction equipment.

Makerspace Monday operates during first break for the Years 3-6.  Students are offered an activity based on the STEM philosophy (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They are encouraged to work independently or in small groups to discover, make and create.

Library events 

The Library hosts many events throughout the year to foster Literacy and the love of reading.  These include the Premier's Reading Challenge, Readers' Cup, author visits, National Simultaneous Storytime, Book Fair, Book Week activities including a book character dressup parade, the Indigenous Bookswap and visiting performances.


The Library can be contacted through the school office on 07 3900 5888.

Alternatively you may email the Teacher Librarian, Brenda Lincez on

Last reviewed 27 February 2020
Last updated 27 February 2020