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School Council

Norman Park State School is an Independent Public School.  We are a member of an Independent Public School Alliance of Government schools which will be administrated by a School Council.
The School Council monitors the school's strategic direction, which includes:
·         Monitoring the school’s strategic direction; 
·       approving plans and policies of the school of a strategic nature and other documents
·       affecting strategic matters, including the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the school
·       monitoring the implementation of plans, policies and other documents mentioned above; and
·       advising the school's principal about strategic matters
The Council must perform its functions in a way that achieves the best
learning outcomes for the school's students.
The Council may only perform its functions in relation to the school for it is 
established.  The Council is not part of the Department of Education and 
Training, is not a body corporate and does not have a separate legal identity.
 The Council may not:
  • interfere with the management by the school's Principal of the day-to-day operations of the school and its curriculum; or 
  • make operational decisions about the use of teaching or learning resources at the school; or
  • make decisions about the individual teaching style used, or to be used, at the school; or
  • make a decision that is contrary to law or a written policy of the department; or
  • have control of funds; or
  • enter into contracts; or
  • acquire, hold, dispose of or deal with property; or
  • sue to be used.
The Council consists of staff, parent and community representatives.  The Principal and the Parent and Citizens Association President are automatic members of the Council.
The elected members of the Council are:
​Janine Leach ​Principal ​Official Member
​Richard Ward ​P&C President Official Member
​Uwe Dulleck Chair ​Parent Representative
​Yvette O'Connor Staff Member ​Teaching Staff Representative
​Neyvette de Bono ​Parent Member ​Secretary/Parent Representative
​Carol Irvine ​Staff Member ​Non-Teaching Staff Representative
Principal's Statement
Norman Park State School became an Independent Public School in 2015.  
Norman Park State School has a tradition of academic excellence, a dynamic curriculum, innovative learning, outstanding NAPLAN results, exceptional 
music and sporting programs and a high level of community engagement.

The Norman Park State School Council plays a key role in the monitoring of 
strategic future direction of the school.  As key decision makers for the 
school, council members will set the direction, in collaboration with the 
Principal to ensure the pathway to achieving success is clearly articulated andunderstood by the community.
Norman Park State School encourages all students to strive for personal 
excellence, follow our 'Steps for Success' and to continue to strive 'Onwards 
and Upwards' in an inclusive environment where all members of our school 
community are welcomed.
Janine Leach